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FlowDirector - Infinicore
The FlowDirector series product represents a new tool to help the IT administrator to operate, monitor and debug their networks effectively. FlowDirector allows the IT administrator to orchestrate network traffic through map, tap, tag, replicate, load balance and filter their traffic across any 1G/10G SFP ingress and egress port. It enables a seamless integration between the network and the network/security analysis and monitoring tools.
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FlowMagic - Infinicore
FlowMagic an advanced high performance, wire to storage Network Traffic Visibility and Analytic Appliances. Built for scalability, reliability and market leader regarding price/performance. Scales up to 32x 1G/10G compatible SFP interfaces and supports besides local storage, external storage array through RAID or networked storage that is capable of store data at PB scale.
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GeNiEnd2End Application - NETCOR
GeNiEnd2End Application is a proactive end-to-end monitoring solution, that supplies key performance indicators from critical business processes from the end user perspective. GeNiEnd2End Application measures the performance of business critical applications from a user viewpoint on client/server, web and mainframe platforms.
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GeNiEnd2End MultiTrace - NETCOR
GeNiEnd2End MultiTrace is designed for remote packet capturing. Centrally controlled via web browser, network traffic is captured on any computer where a GeNiTrace Agent is running. Complex filter rules can be applied to capture only the packets of interest to diagnose complex network problems.
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GeNiEnd2End Network - NETCOR
The assessment and monitoring solution GeNiEnd2End Network is an active end-to-end performance testing software for the network engineer as well as for the service desk employee. The management software monitors 24/7 the network performance for multi-play applications and is expecially suited for a fast cause analysis with application response time issues.
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GeNiEnd2End QoS - NETCOR
GeNiEnd2End provides intelligent end-to-end visibility into the Quality of Service of Triple Play networks. It enhances GeNiEnd2End Network to identify automatically QoS misconfigurations.
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GeNiJack is a new Integrated GeNiEnd2End Hardware Endpoint for NETCOR's GeNiEnd2End 24/7 end-to-end service monitoring software.
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