NETCOR europe is a leading Value Added Distributor for IT Performance analysis and network troubleshooting solutions.
NETCOR europe offers technology leading solutions for sustainable IT monitoring solutions to assess the IT quality and their impact on the business activities.

For Vendors

  Recruitment of channel   Technical support and professional services
Finding a potential reselling partner is an important aspect of building a competitive advantage for your business in foreign markets. With our long-standing expertise and existing channel database NETCOR europe does have the skills and relationships to support you in your selection strategy without heavy market entry costs. NETCOR europe is the contact centre for support and service issues for your channel. Our goal is to have access to all of the equipment we distribute which allows us to replicate problems and issues presented by customers. Further our professional service is capable to assist our partners during proof-of-values and project orientated consultancy.

Marketing activities
  Train the channel
With our longstanding European-based market knowledge NETCOR europe develops together with you in line with regional factors marketing campaigns to drive the business for the reselling partners. With our effective lead generation tactics we increase business effectiveness for the reselling channel. Only a well-trained sales force can effectively sell products, which are in need of an explanation. Experienced Trainers from NETCOR europe impart their market- and product-specific knowledge in practical oriented training courses for sales- as well as technical-oriented persons.

For Partners

  Lead Generation   Technical Backup and support services
When taking a new vendor on board it is important to have quick sales success. Experienced employees of NETCOR europe help you in creating and discovering interest among your prospects so that your sales team can engage them proactively in sales conversation. NETCOR Europe does have access to all of the equipment we distribute; this allows us to replicate problems or issues reported by customers. In combination with our experienced employees we help our reselling partners to resolve issues faster. To ensure fast RMA turn-around time we carry a stock of spare parts.

Build up Skills and Knowledge
  Cultural Awareness
Our Experts can fall back on project experience since the beginning of 1990s. With this longstanding knowledge and expertise NETCOR europe provides practical assistance during the complete sales-cycle like customer scoping calls, meetings, live demonstrations, proof-of-values evaluations and project-oriented consultancy. Cultural differences can often lead to misunderstandings. We are aware that cultural awareness is the foundation of communication. Every culture sees, interprets and evaluates things in a different way. NETCOR europe bridges the gap between our reselling partner and the vendor. It is safer to assume differences until similarity is proven!