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After a long time and loving handwork, equal to a katana of Hattori Hanzō, GeNiEnd2End 4.5 alight from the still hot (software-)forging furnace. But GeNiEnd2End has much more features then a stupid sword. It does not only stay in a cabinet. It works for you!

GeNiEnd2End automatically identifies QoS misconfigurations. You can immediately see if your QoS tagged packets do not arrive at the destination. QoS variations are alarmed now pair-based. Furthermore, you can activate QoS testing with a single click.

The new GeNiJacks can now perform packet tracing. This allows you to use the GeNiJacks for QoS testing. Try that with a sword!

The possibility of customized unit’s open up a new world of values. With GeNiEnd2End 4.5 you can insert all possible values, and even converting them. You can tap into every possible data source and display the collected data in GeNiEnd2End 4.5.

There are additional major and minor changes. We changed a lot in the web GUI, some procedures were improved and some shortened. The GeNiEnd2End Agent runs now in the system tray, if it was installed as a GUI version (finally no more DOS box). Under the surface we improved a lot, too. Stability and speed has been increased on the server and on the agent.

All changes can be read in the release notes. You want to convince yourself?

Then ask for test environment, or contact us for the support for an update of your existing GeNiEnd2End installation.