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A typical field of application for GeNiEnd2End Network is to verify if the Network Service Providers (NSP) comply with the agreed service levels. Very often our partners get involved when their customers have painful experiences with the performance of their NSPs. Characteristic is that they have a hard time to pinpoint and resolve the performance issues with their existing monitoring tools fast enough.

NETCOR GeNiEnd2End Network

GeNiEnd2End Network completes the management tools already being used and delivers a unique advantage: an indisputable document about the end-to-end network quality. With these convincing arguments it is easy to stop the finger pointing blame game. Instead of laborious analysis with uncertain outcomes, the culprit can be located within an extremely short time. With GeNiEnd2End Network the customer receives objective end-to-end performance values for Triple-Play applications and makes the NSP hand tame during crisis meetings. GeNiEnd2End Network is the fear of the provider and a made investment is paid off in a short time.