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SPTA has nothing to do with Swiss tennis professionals; it stands for Structured Performance Troubleshooting Approach. It is not exact science, however when you perform Structured Performance Troubleshooting, you achieve constant progress and solve performance issues even faster. NETCOR is introducing this approach, as it is a compilation of the best practices that GeNiEnd2End customers are using to align people, processes and tools for an effective performance troubleshooting. These companies are seeing major improvements in the MTTR of performance related issues.

1st level
2nd level
3rd level
Verify end-to-end quality for the communication channel (OSI layer 4)
Verify end-to-end quality with scripted user transaction/services (OSI layer 7)
Multi-tier performance analysis with packet tracing (AdHoc & 24/7)

SPTA is a 3 stage troubleshooting approach based on GeNiEnd2End and enables the integration on all support levels of the IT support personnel. Each support level can assist in the troubleshooting process. The foundation of this approach is the idea that with the right information for the right person at the right time the troubleshooting process can be streamlined.

For example the Service Desk can now support the process by providing end-user performance information during the submission of the tickets. These trouble tickets are now rated and assigned by the Service Desk, which leads to reduced ticket processing time.

Are you interested to contribute to SPTA or find some spare time for testing, than let us know.