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In the past on nearly every new-released product the technical highlights were at the forefront. Based on the principle “bigger, higher, faster, further” the quantity of the presentable parameters ought to convince the potential customer from the quality of the product.

Is it really necessary that the IT Executive needs to filter the information flood to find the important information and analyze if the product is the solution for the problem? Thanks to the pioneers, like Apple, who switched the focus on the important facts and became a market leader of the consumer goods. The vendors of IT performance monitoring tools now also pay attention to present complex analysis methods in a easy to understand user interface.

This reconsideration is pretty helpful because the IT person in charge wants to check initially if the relevant components needed for the IT operation (seen from the end-user) are available at the requested time period. Only when an issue is identified the necessity is there to deeper analyze the issue to find the root cause.

A good example for this simplified user interface for the IT analysis is GeNiEnd2End.