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Welcome to this short series of blog entries regarding GeNiEnd2End Application - HowTo / Best Practices scripting.

This series will show you what you have to be aware of if you create scripts and which scripting language fits which needs. The Best Practices should help you to get around some common problems and mistakes.

This time we start with the general scripting guidelines and which language best fits your needs.
At first ask yourself these questions:

  • What would you like to achieve with this measurement?
  • Platform of application?
    • Windows
    • GeNiJack
    • Both
  • What type of application?
    • Website
    • Self maintained GUI
    • distributed GUI
    • Other
  • What measurement points will the script have?
  • Is there a default script for that, which you could edit if needed?

Which default scripts exist in GeNiEnd2End Application can be seen in the Help File under the section Application Measurement -> Default Scripts.

Feature comparison AutoIt versus Python:


  AutoIt Python
Platform Windows Windows / GeNiJack
GUI Control Yes and its easy Possible but not recommended / Not on GeNiJack
Website Testing Yes fully Yes but only download time and changes
Recommended for Beginners / Professionals Professionals
Measurement accuracy Good Best
Feature Scope Good / many Modules available Best/ full programming language


So if you are new to scripting / programming you should start with AutoIt and a basic script, if you already programmed in a professional language python has a lot more functions for you and will be more fitting your needs.

The don'ts :

  • Don't forget about the CNS Option, which can show you then how the measured time breaks down to Client / Network / Server time.
  • Don't under estimate the power of AutoIt, its feature wide, easy and rock solid.

If your tool has a special language for GUI based testing or you simply like another language, then you also can use that and deliver the results back to the GeNiAgent.

In this case please contact us for help at:

Next time we will go through GUI based Front-End scripting and what you should be aware of.

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