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The increasing complexity of infrastructures with centrally hosted applications make the search for performance bottlenecks to a time-intensive task that is usually then necessary when there is really no time for it, because of the project situation.

Especially the network managers are required here in the first place. The statement that "the network is once again slowly" has burned itself into the minds of the user. Objectively, there was in the past years a clear shift of the cause of the problems. But the man is glad with what is familiar to him. So at first the network is then problem, till the contrary was proved.

Looking for potential error sources networkers made use of typically SNMP or NetFlow monitoring solutions. But first of all it must be verified, which "way" the application takes, which is not always easy. In addition, a port with a high load is not directly the trigger for high response times.

Also time-consuming protocol analysis is a frequently chosen tool to expose the problem, or at least their own "innocence" of the issue. Everybody who has ever done this knows how time consuming it is. More annoying is it when it is found that the  cause of the problem is not the net!

Because of this fact more and more network managers implement a solution that measures und documents the performance of the infrastructure 24x7 from the view of the users. With the right tool everybody can proof or disproof within a few minutes that the cause of the problem is in the infrastructure or not. A quick-to-deploy and affordable solution for this is for example  GeNiEnd2End Network.