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What sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster, turned out to a real challenge at the last customer measurement for an application monitoring with  GeNiEnd2End Application.

You start to script full of drive and then you see application that tell anything. You can neither check on window titles nor window contents or buttons.

Of course a person can work with it, because he can read and execute the appropriate actions, but it is difficult for a robot script for application monitoring. You could use OCR-software, but this is much to complicated. In the past we used elaborate pixel-checksums, but they were really rigid and with every change of the application they had been new calculated.

Fortunately had some colleagues from NETCOR already developed a screenshot helper, which allowed me to “photograph” parts of the screen and check them. With a few clicks I was able to select the desired screen area and define a measuring point as well as a click target. No matter where the cutout is. Even with changes in the application!

Since this point NETCOR has no effort with "mysterious windows" anymore. All applications, windows or window contents such as flash elements in the browser windows, CITRIX, TELNET applications, JAVA applications or remote desktop windows with less told information are now on the "no-problem-at-all" list.