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We are confident that the new  GeNiJack Plus will also sell like hot cakes. The last 2 years we’ve been selling the GeNiJack very successfull and with the recently launched GeNiJack Plus the possible field of applications will be extended even more.  The GeNiJack plus offers with the 2 Ethernet and WLAN connections additional field of applications like remote packet tracing via a span port. In combination with the web-based  GeNiEnd2End MultiTrace Software, multiple GeNiJacks can be controlled centrally for a multi segment packet capture. Trace files can be saved on the embedded memory card. Subsequently the trace files can be transferred as needed to a central location to merge the trace files for further analysis with multi trace analysis tools like the ClearSight Analyzer from Fluke Networks. The GeNiJack Plus is cost-effective hardware  for remote packet capturing in remote locations and completet the already embedded end-to-end/QoS performance monitoring functionality.